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Thursday, March 19, 2015

CHS Class of 1959 Deceased

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From: Jtherron
Date: Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 7:52 AM
Subject: Canonsburg High School Class of 1959 deceased
To: "Garboski, Dick" , "Kobert, Bob & Sandy" blivolsi

With the addition of Henrietta Chuba passing today,
I made up this list of departed classmates by date.


Jim Depaoli                              Died 9/20/59
Fred Lyon                                 Died 2/5/88
Bob Herman                             Died 8/4/88
Aurella Dobbs Wilinski             Died 10/14/88
Mario Celio                              Died 7/7/89
Gerald Dudley                          Died 11/30/89
Saundra Milligan Frederick       Died 3/13/95
Ken Ewasky                             Died 3/19/96
Eric Huston                              Died 5/5/98
Barbara Wines Grover               Died 9/30/01
Anthony J. Spataro                   Died 2/2/02
James Guzell                            Died 8/10/03
Shirley Goodnight Leasure        Died 3/13/04
Jean Kern                                 Died 3/22/04
J. Eileen Betonte Kestner          Died 12/16/05
Rita A. Soulakis Steadman        Died 1/6/06
Gary Briceland                          Died 7/3/06
Patricia Rodgers Dzurino           Died 6/20/08
Patty Powers Bails                    Died 6/1/10
Barbara Haley Broutin              Died 4/1/11
Al Moze                                   Died 6/22/11
Dianna Hackenson Dresko      Died 11/13/11
Patricia Leson Falcioni              Died 9/1/12
Steve Sedora                             Died 2/25/13
James Gohacki                          Died 3/14/13
Anna Marie Colaizzo Debone    Died 7/17/13
Ed Malinoski                              Died 9/24/13
Larry Dombrowski                    Died 10/14/13
Dominick Bonitatibus               Died 9/17/13
Bob Hummell                           Died 11/18/13
Ted Mohler                              Died 4/25/2014
George Wyland                       Died Sept. 26, 2014
Walter Piechnick                     Died 1/19/2015
Henrietta Chuba Ladzinski      Died 3/16/15