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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some of my Canonsburg Memories - Kathy (Marton) Johnson

Dick I love your webpage it brings back so many memories that I wanted to write and let you know some things I remember.

My name is Kathy (Marton) Johnson living in Colorado
now. I graduated from CanonMcMillan in 1963

Some of my memories are:
Walking down South Central to town, going to the Alhambra to see my first movie "Imitation of Life", then going down a couple doors to a soda fountain owned by George?

Or going to Jeffrey's Drug Store and ordering a plain coke with chocolate, or cherry syrup to make it taste better.

In those days the only thing you got expelled from school was smoking on school
grounds - teasing your hair too high, or wearing skirts too short.

Going to see Porky Chadwick at the Armory for dances and of course honking your horn
when Porky would say "Blow your horn".

The saddle shoes with 3 pair of socks folded to make your ankles look huge.
Circle pins worn by girls either on the left or right
to let guys know if you were available or not. Going steady and wrapping 100 yards of yarn around his ring so it would fit your finger, wearing green and yellow on Thrusday was a no-no because it meant you were gay.

Doctors made house calls.

The A&P at the bottom of South Central getting flooded so many time and my Dad would go down to help to try and
keep the water out. For his help they would give him a case or two of cans with no labels and you didn't know until you opened them if they were vegetables or dog food and we had no dog.

Blue Star potato chips the best in town, going to the HitchnPost on Rt. 19 to hang out with friends.

At South Central grade school - standing in line to go into school - if you stepped out of line you were sent to the back and started over. The big bad paddling machine supposedly in the Principals office which of course no one ever saw. Going to the store and buying penny candy like the strips with little dots on them.

And most of all our Beloved Miss Crumm who had a cat, I will never forget it's many names: Twinkle, Patricia, Syvester, Meatball , Malloy Crumm. Twinkle for the twinkle in her eye, Patricia?, Sylvester for the cartoon cat, Meatball because she was as fat as a meatball, Malloy that was her nephews last name, and of course Crumm for her.

So many fond memories. Just thought I would share a few of mine of our good ole Canonsburg.

Thank You again for the website, Kathy