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Friday, April 10, 2009

Re: Mt. Lebanon CC, etc.

Hi Augie, thanks for sharing some of your Mt. Lebanon caddy memories and the nostalgic 50's link below to your web site.

Good job on identifying three of the olde Mt. Lebanon golf holes, your guess of number 1 is the only one you missed.
As a hint, please review the picture and
from your memories' perspective does this look to be the third shot at the par 5 - 6th hole or the second shot into hole #2? Also I'm sure you remember the strategically located little pine tree at the edge of each of the fairways.

Could you please elaborate and provide some background on winning the caddy tournament?

Dick Garboski

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Augie Fetcko wrote:


Thanks for rekindling more memories from the past with the pictures from Mt.Lebanon C.C. I think the numbers of the hole are as follows: # 13, #9, #7, #1
Some memories I have of caddying there:

Winning the caddy championship and being snubbed by Russ Sherba at the awards banquet.
World class basketball games in the caddy pen
Hiding from Johnny Johnson when certain members' bags came out.
Getting a $100.00 tip from Mrs. Ryan ( husband started Ryan Homes) for college.
Shagging balls and trying to avoid getting hit by golfers who aimed at you.

Again, thanks for the memories.



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