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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mrs Rush's 6th Grade Class -1952

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Dick Garboski
7:11am May 28th

To Richard Terling, Pat Lochran, William V Hutchison, Jim Herron, Rosalie Fragapane, Kitty Dasta, John DeFife, Donna M Mackey, Donna Livolsi, David DeLanie, David C. Gump, Carol Fragapane, Tom Burrows, Reinette B. Jackovic, Raymond R Butka, Jean Balsama Romano, Elizabeth J Popovich Bartok, Bob Stuck, Al M. Moze and
A great picture found on Carol Fragapane's photo wall of Mrs. Rush's 6th grade class.(1952)

It can also be found on the Canonsburg Friends web site with a caption containing the names of those great faces, if your struggling to remember.

Thank you Carol for posting this treasure!

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