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Monday, June 11, 2012

A doo wop Pittsburgh oldies ballad - High on a Hill --

 This is when music sounded like Music.  Check this out.  Hi to everyone.  Enjoy The music.  I baby sat for 'THE JAY BIRD', JAY MICHAEL after I graduated.  Remember him?  His wife Evelyn & I used to get a baby sitter to watch the three kids and she & I would drive to' The Holiday House' and see the Four Aces,  The Four Lads  - sat with their wives.  Jay would M-C the shows on Saturday nights there.   I miss those days. 
I got this from Donald DeGennaro's wife Elinor, Thought you would like to listen to this and the others on this youtube.
Happy Fathers Day to all you  Dad's
Norma Jean Pagano