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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Electric streetcar on Pike St

Recently came across this picture of this electric streetcar on Pike St.  Not sure of its source.  It appears to be late 1930 early 40's. 

A blow-up (right side) reveals an advertisement poster for Rubinoff , a famous touring violinist of the time  and near the center the  Hildegarde's sign whose shop moved to the location in 1938.(JCTimes 9/2010). 

cbg street car.jpg
A cold brisk Canonsburg morning
Pike St. & N. Central Ave. - winter of 1939
On a cold brisk Canonsburg morning,  passengers on a snow packed street, women wearing "babuskas", men tucked in hats  politely and patiently await arriving passengers to depart so they may board the "Big Red" a 3700 series, single end interurban car headed toward Pittsburgh.      Fare... 10¢ please!