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Friday, March 9, 2012

Another CHS 59 classmate passes

Dianna Lee Hackenson Dresko
Dianna Dresko, of Florida, formerly of Canonsburg, died November 13, 2011.
Surviving are husband Ronald Dresko; twin sister Donna; sister Doris; and stepdaughter and caregiver Shelly.
Interment is in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg.

From: Jim Herron
Subject: Another CHS 59 Passes

I saw in yesterday's paper that Tiny Hackinson died last November.  Here is the list I have of classmates who have died.
CHS Class of 59 Deceased: 

J. Eileen Betonte Kestner         died 12/16/05
Gary Briceland                        died 7/3/06
Mario Celio                             died 7/7/89
Jim Depaoli                             died 9/20/59
Aurella Dobbs Wilinski           died 10/14/88
Gerald Dudley                         died 11/30/89
Ken Ewasky                            died 3/19/96
Shirley Goodnight Leasure      died 3/13/04
James Guzell                           died 8/10/03
Dianna Hackinson Dresko       died 11/13/11
Barbara Haley Broutin             died 4/1/11
Bob Herman                            died 8/4/88
Eric Huston                              died 5/5/98
Jean Kern                                died 3/22/04
Fred Lyon                                died 2/5/88
Saundra Milligan Frederick      died 3/13/95
Al Moze                                   died 6/22/11
Patty Powers Bails                   died 6/1/10
Patricia Rodgers Dzurino         died 6/20/08
Rita A. Soulakis Steadman       died 1/6/06
Anthony J. Spataro                  died 2/2/02
Barbara Wines Grover             died 9/30/01