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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pike Street - A Picture History

Evolving over a period of 100 years, 
Pike Street from 1898, 1903, 1962 and 2002.

1898▲            1903▼                   Pike Street - Camonsburg, PA            1962▲             2002▼
These four photographs were taken from about the same spot on West Pike Street in Canonsburg over a period of more than a century  .In the upper left is a view taken before the Great Fire of 1898, when the buildings on the right half of the picture were destroyed. In the photo below it, the south side of Pike Street has been rebuilt, but the street is still dirt, so it is before 1903.

The photo at the top right was taken in 1962, and the one below about 2002. The little hot-dog stand ("Sandwich Shop") and the Gowern Building had been replaced by a parking lot.

(Submitted by Jim Herron)