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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RE: Looking for some input.

Hi Dick,
Jack Fartro bought Skinny's dark blue pontiac.  It was Jack's first car.  Doesn't have a thing to do with Pizza, but makes for a nice memory.
Who was Skinny's partner?  He lived in the first house house next to the cemetery on Oak Spring Rd.  Bob Hamilton probably knows that answer. 
Sara Nan Fischer Fartro


Does anybody remember the pizza place located next to the American Legion Club, near Yenko Chevrolet called "The Spot".  Anybody know who owned/ ran the place?  I seem to recall it was a family owned/run business. 

BTW, What was you favorite pizza growing up.  A few I remember, ranked in my order of preference were:
1. The Spot(simply the best!)
2. Skinny's(next to Kelly's Pub on W. Pike St.
3. DeCarlo's( by Donaldson Crossroads across from the Tally HO,.... hic!)
4. Sam's(I'd like four slices please,,,,,,no... you taka six" ) 
Dick Garboski 

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