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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lost in the 50's - letter from Augie

From: August Fetcko
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 5:30:30 PM
Subject: Lost in the 50's - letter from Augie

Every time I hear the attached song: Lost in the Fifties, I get nostalgic about our formative years in the 1950's and the old hometown. I recently read an article in Psychology Today that said that recent studies suggest that an occasional detour down Memory Lane can give your spirits a significant lift and that thinking good memories for just 20 minutes a day can make a person happier.

My modest proposals for our monumental 50th are as follows:

1. That we hold the party at Rolling Hills
since Donna and John recommended it as the best facility and we have a history there.

2. That the reunion date be towards the end of Sept. or beginning of Oct-2009

3. That a $50 for 50 years donation would be an appropriate amount for those who want to contribute.

4. Activities should span the entire weekend - Football game at Canon McMillan, Golf, Brunch, Cocktail Party, etc.

5. We form a telephone call list to encourage more members of the class to attend.

6. That any movies, photos, memorabilia, etc. from approximately 1955 to 1959 be displayed or shown sometime during the weekend.

7. We attempt to secure a couple of 1950's -era cars to park at the entrance to the reunion party.

Dick - please forward this letter to our classmates.
Let me know if you got this and the attached website: