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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Definitely Some of Canonsburg South Side's Finest - Christmas 1953

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Isn't this one great picture of some of Canonsburg's finest from our South Side , performing in the Third Ward Chorus of 1953.

1st Row: Frank Trebel, Johnny McCalla, Mary Livolsi, Pat McCormick, Dolly Haddad, Dorthea Schusler, ?, Barbara Rudge, Grace Cacchione, Joyce Rodgers, John Eckles
2nd Row: D. Leichty, John Foley, Jim Herron, ?, J. Petro, Donna Spinna, Mona Rae Leyshon, Joan Slovian, Sandy Polasky, Helen Korba, Anna Marie Calazzio
3rd Row: Ken Paige, John Alterio, Jerry Lazor, Howard Stevens,Val Prince, Daralyn Labozzo, Rose Mascaro, Helen Horwath, Ed Malinowski, Eugene Pucci, Dave McPeake
4th Row: Barry Petracci, Rose Ferricks, Delores Kotyk, Helen Mezey, Reniette Boling, Patty Leson,
Donna Cwiklinski, John Heiser, Monte Derrico, Diane Derrico, Barbara Polansky, ?/
5th Row: Rich Mounts, Larry Bender, Bob Lewis, John Gonglik ,Harold Rose,?, Marian Campbell, ?Fullum, Linda Bird, Patty Graytok