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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goodbye Bridge Works

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Looks like a good story for the blog..
(Click on Title above for the related Observer article)


My grandfathers, John Wesley Mohler and Alex Feyche, my father Howard Mohler and uncle John Feyche retired from the Bridge Works. Others in the Mohler and Feyche families worked at the Bridge Works for short periods before moving on to different jobs. No one from my generation worked in the mill.
I have a lot of memories of the mill, but one in particular stands out. I was 12 or 13 at the time. My dad hadn't come home at the usual time after the day shift ended. I assumed he had decided to work overtime on the swing shift, something that was common to do. My mother gave me a bag with my dad's dinner, some snacks and extra cigars to take to the Timekeepers Office. My dad would pick it up during a break.
As I neared the Bridge Works I noticed a lot of men walking around in the A&P rear parking lot and on the street leading to the Timekeepers Office. Unknown to me at the time, there was an organized work slowdown and an effort to stop the swing shift from going to work. This was just a prelude to a potential strike. I strolled down the street, walking around men trying to block my way and acting in a threatening manner. I was about a 100 feet from the Timekeepers Office when 3-4 men blocked my way and would not let me step onto the sidewalk. At that precise moment Officer Michael (Pistol Pete) Smith roared up beside me on his big hog and turned off the ignition. Talking to the men blocking my way, Mike said, "You SOBs touch this kid and I'm sending you all to the hospital and.........", as he got off the bike and stood tall. It was like Moses parting the waters. They knew his reputation and moved away like a bunch of frightened wimps. They didn't know he was also my friend and neighbor.


Ted Mohler
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