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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Jim, sharing with you and our Blog a copy of Sulkowski's painting "Isalys Canonsburg -1959" and a 50's photograph of Isalys with the famous "art deco" building front. Isaly's store front ad in the photo, advertises chipped ham at .99 a pound. No mention of Klondikes or those Skyscaper Cones however.

Hope they make your power point presentation regarding historic Pike Street.

Dick Garboski

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Bards was torn down to build a parking lot next to the municipal building. The Book & Bible store where I used to buy models and the bus station were on the far side of Bards.
I'm working on a chronology of Pike Street. It's not far along but it may help. It's attached but not for publication. There are likely to be errors.
I asked Jeff Engel, but he doesn't know Ron. Jeff's mother was Roc O'Connell's secretary and later secretary at the Canon-McMillan office. His aunt is Aggie Engel at SNPJ. He said there are a lot of Engels around and he doesn't know how they're related.

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