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Monday, February 19, 2007

Gene Capozzi

Just returned from a little R&R in Palm Springs. While there, I met up with Gene Capozzi, who I had not seen in 48 years.

Gene had once again retired and moved to Palm Desert about 8 years ago from Orange County, CA. His two sons, one a commercial pilot and the other a local businessman also live in Palm Desert.

We had dinner at Arnold Palmer's restaurant in La Quinta and our friendship quickly picked up from where we left off 48 years ago. The conversation, the laughter, and the dinner all made for a great evening. I am so pleased we met and very proud to call him a friend.

Before we went to dinner Gene showed us a few pictures he had found from our past, the Senior Prom with his date and classmate Judy Weber I've attached. The others can be found in the picture albums found on the Canonsburg Friends Blog

Thank you Gene for Sharing
Dick Garboski

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