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about this Blog and Dick Garboski

The Canonsburg Friends Blog was created in 2007,  mainly as a vehicle to help connect and communicate with  fellow classmates toward generating enthusiasm for our 50th High School reunion.

World Wide Viewing Audience
The Canonsburg Friends blog coupled with its Facebook counter part has now evolved to average over 40,000 pageviews per year by a world wide audience comprised mainly of those who  love to reminiscence about their great little town and reconnect with the memories of growing up in Canonsburg

Top Viewing Ten Countries:
United States       38,923

Netherlands         270

Canada                 216

Germany               199

Slovenia               197

United Kingdom 155

Russia                   151

Latvia                    90

France                   56

Ukraine                 48

Dick Garboski
Grew up in the last house N. Jefferson Ave., backyard abutted the Town Park
Grandfather owned the National Bakery in Canonsburg.
Attended Canonsburg schools grades 1 - 12
A graduate of The Very Last Class - CHS59

Served in the US Navy - USN Hurricane Facility, Miami FL

Univ. of  Miami - BS Computer Science
MiamiDade College -  AA, AS  Data Processing
  • elected Phi Theta Kappa(Scholastic Honor Society) 
  • elected Phi Beta Kappa(Scholastic Honor Society)
 Professional/Business Career
  • Ford Motor Company 
  • Burroughs 
  • Wang
  • Paperless Office Inc.(owner)
  • Computer Design Inc.(owner)
  • Unisys
  • New Golf Technologies(owner)
  • GTE/Verizon