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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Synagogues of Central & Western Pennsylvania

Dick Garboski shared Julian Preisler's post with you.
Julian Preisler
As research and work continues on my book of photos of Synagogues of Central & Western Pennsylvania, I have decided to include photos of some of the synagogues in the region that have been demolished over the years. Many of the small mill towns surrounding Pittsburgh once had thriving Jewish Communities. Some former synagogues still stand used as churches, theaters, etc. Here is an old newspaper photo from 1927 when the Tree of Life Synagogue in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania was dedicated.

It is one of the few images of the synagogue that remain. As some of you may know, Canonsburg was famous for its pottery manufacturing and the dishes they produced were sold everywhere. We, in fact, use an old 1950's set of "Temporama" from Canonsburg. The synagogue was sold in the 1960's and eventually demolished in 1980. 
Today, they are no Jewish residents in town. 
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