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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

17 Vintage Photos of the Steel City

Photographs may be slow to load because of their high resolution.
(click on each photo to enlarge)

Rain ... always rain, 1941

Coal miner at Montour #4 Mine, 1930s

Homemade pool, 1938

Soldiers and Sailors Hall, 1915

Forbes Field, 1912

Oakland, 1910

Monongahela Wharf, 1910

Smithfield Street Bridge, looking at Mount Washington, 1910

Sixth Street Bridge, 1910

Pittsburgh at night, 1910

Sixth Avenue and Cherry Way, 1908

Westinghouse Air Brake Co., Turtle Creek Valley, 1905

North Side Post Office (now the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh), 1905

Inside Luna Park, 1905

Luna Park entrance, 1905

Fort Pitt Block House, 1901

Point Bridge, 1900