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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

16 West Pike St, Canonsburg, PA

A bit of history of 16 West Pike Street location as per the JCTimes - Sept. 2010 Issue 

The Perlman Brothers had a wallpaper and paint store at 16 West Pike in 1929, but a 1931 fire on the store’s second floor, used for storage, ruined the stock and the store closed. 

The location became a restaurant in 1932, the Colony Grill, and in 1934, shortly after prohibition was lifted, it advertised, “FREE Beer, Coffee, or Soup with every 40¢ meal.” Shortly afterward, the fire burned out the restaurant. The Colony Grill reopened the end of June 1934 and advertised in the 1941 high school year-book, “We Never Close.” 
The Colony Grill Restaurant operated until 1951 when Walter Sharrick purchased it

It was the Sharrick Snack Bar, then Bruce’s Snack Bar for a while. 

Walter Sharrick assumed ownership again in October 1958 and the eating place became Sharrick’s Restaurant. 

In January 1969, George Mantalis and his wife, Jean, bought the restaurant and renamed it George and Jean’s. George had worked with his parents, who owned the Crystal Restaurant, located two doors away at 20 West Pike, for some thirty years.

In 1982,the restaurant had new owners and a half-new name "Bob and Jean’s Family Restaurant and Lounge". The daily luncheon “Inflation Fighter Special” cost just $1.95. The 1988 and ’89 telephone directories identify the restaurant as Mike and Moe’s. The 2000 telephone directory shows Cheech’s Pizza listed there.  

Kathleen Norton’s - Kutters’Edge body piercing and jewelry salon has been at the location since 2002.