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Monday, December 2, 2013

Canonsburg High School - Class of 1908

Canonsburg High School - Class of 1908
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Unfortunately the CHS Class of 1908 student names listed below only number 15 with sixteen students pictured and they are not in pictured order  

It is assumed the two standing in the back are teachers, whose name at this time are not known.wn.

Estep Walter, Farrar Will, Giles Alice, Greer Lucille, Matthews Ethel, McConnell Myrtle
McMillen Mary, McNary Bertha'm, McNary Cornelius, Morgan Clara, Taylor Bell
Wassum Harry, Weaver Mary, Whitely Altha, Young Blanche

Here we have a similar picture shared by Lynn Roth Davis that also shows a group of students taken on the same steps.... albeit some 50 years later. Note the metal hand rails are gone, although the hand rail connectors on the columns can still be seen. Now each side of the steps show a large concrete side structures 

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This is an early picture of the College Street school. It was built around 1896.