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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Canonsburg Corner's History

102 W. Pike Street 
circa 2000
NW Corner of West Pike Street and North Jefferson Ave.
A skating rink was at the intersection in the 1880s, and was the only lot with a non-substantial building.

Here is a chronolgy (history) of this NW corner as provided by, who else Dr. Jim Herron:

1875 Espey Livery Stable 
1898  J J VanEman pur Espey Livery Stable in 1898; added hardware             store 
1900's  J. A. Fife purchases livery stable from J.J.VanEman
1904 Building  remodeled and covered with galvanized iron  
1906  H.H.Bebout, new building owner converts stable into  50 x 100’ store
1909  Welty’s Big Store Dept Store
1930s  J. A. Johnson purchases and brick veneers the building
1934  Welty’s New Furniture Dept operated by Brody’s Inc 
1936  Rogerson’s Department Store occupies  Brody moves out  4/1/36
1939  T. F. Rogerson  quitting business
1939  Kroger Grocery and; Baking Co. leases first floor and the basement
First (ground) floor dropped to street level with steel girders in the   basement. Front changed with show windows and entrance at street level
1941  Kroger Store
1953  Spear Home Furnishing Co.
1957  Baron Furniture Co. 
1957  Western Auto
2002 Bahr Hardware
2009  Humble Carpet and Decorating Center 

Note:The dates in the chronology are not etched in stone. For the most part they were when the occupant was found in the Daily Notes, usually an advertisement. I have not done detailed research into the site, so the list is rough.  Jim Herron