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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jefferson College Times - Now Online

Thanks to Jim Herron's consent and cooperation, we will now have available past issues of the highly acclaimed Jefferson College Times  for online viewing.

As we know, the Jefferson College Times publication goes back to Canonsburg's earliest days when the Jefferson College was the prominent mainstay of the Town.

As the official publication of the Jefferson College Historical Society each issue is replete with pictures, stories and commentary of Canonsburg's full and rich history.

Canonsburg Friends  is pleased and proud to be apart of providing such a treasure for its viewers to enjoy.

As each issue is readied for viewing it will be added to the  Jefferson College Times online archive. A description of the issue announcing its online availability will be posted  on the Canonsburg Friends Blog and Facebook Group.

Click here to view The JCT -December 2010 On Line Issue

Caveat emptor:
As mentioned, each issue is chock-full of pictures and stories resulting in large files. The viewing experience will depend on internet access speed(bandwidth) as well as the performance of the viewing device, i.e. pc, smartphone, tablet, etc.