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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Canonsburg High School

1959 - Joint Area Track and Field Matches

Canonsburg High School Stadium - 1959

Seen above is CHS alumni Augie Fetcko, who is returning to coaching with his recent appointment as Head Track Coach at  Mercyhurst Prep in Erie,
 He is shown here back in 1959, demonstrating the Jim Banner taught "runners kick" as he strides the last hurdle in his attempt to chase down the Donora track star.

1959 CHS Relay Queens

Standing are Judy Weber and Judy Gilbert "CHS Relay Queens" as they observe in support of a classmate  trying to win one for the Brown & Gold.

In the stands that day, we  proudly recognize another pretty good Canonsburg athlete.  
Gaines "Buddy" Patmon