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Thursday, July 2, 2009

College St. School

I hope someone other than myself remembers the grades 5 thru 8 held at the College St. School across from the old gym.
I remember the North Central School grades 1-4 with fond memories and the same of the other grades before H.S. I am not sure, but thought that the "Herman Twins" started in the 3rd grade at North Central.
I did not realize that there were so many other schools in our district. I have no clue where I thought all those 9th graders came from when we reached HS.
I am continuously looking for some grade school pictures that I know are somewhere & will send if & when that happens.
I remember several incidents in the College St. School - one being the day Dick Lauderbaugh said I was "voluptuous" & I had no idea what it meant but thought it was an insult & the day Mrs. Cottrell announced the grades for the 8th grade state math tests when I had a perfect score (loved math) & was thrilled that I had "beaten Francis Horvath" as he definitely was the best at math in the entire school.
Anyway if anyone else does remember any of these events pls. let me know - as I miss those days & friends as much as anyone else.
Looking fwd to the reunion although I did not grad. with the class. Getting at GED was a lot harder.............
Joyce Fife Stasiowski