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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kennywood Park

These two(2) YouTube videos will bring back a lot of great Kennywood memories including ones of the train ride to and from the park when the town essentially shut down for its annual community picnic at this historic landmark.

Google Mapping the Streets of Canonsburg

Canonsburg Landmarks

The Tiny Store, A definite Canonsburg landmark as it looks above today, thank goodness some thing do not change!
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Kelly's Pub

Back in the 50's - 60's this was Kelly's Pub. As I recall the entrance to Kellys was where Noochie's appears and the current entrance was where Skinny's Pizza was located.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Evolution of 46 East Pike Street

46 East Pike Sreet:
  1. 1937 - The Perritte house(top)
  2. 1938 - Bards Store opens. (middle)
  3. Today a Parking lot(bottom)

"Pave Paradise....... Put up a Parking Lot"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

College St. School

I hope someone other than myself remembers the grades 5 thru 8 held at the College St. School across from the old gym.
I remember the North Central School grades 1-4 with fond memories and the same of the other grades before H.S. I am not sure, but thought that the "Herman Twins" started in the 3rd grade at North Central.
I did not realize that there were so many other schools in our district. I have no clue where I thought all those 9th graders came from when we reached HS.
I am continuously looking for some grade school pictures that I know are somewhere & will send if & when that happens.
I remember several incidents in the College St. School - one being the day Dick Lauderbaugh said I was "voluptuous" & I had no idea what it meant but thought it was an insult & the day Mrs. Cottrell announced the grades for the 8th grade state math tests when I had a perfect score (loved math) & was thrilled that I had "beaten Francis Horvath" as he definitely was the best at math in the entire school.
Anyway if anyone else does remember any of these events pls. let me know - as I miss those days & friends as much as anyone else.
Looking fwd to the reunion although I did not grad. with the class. Getting at GED was a lot harder.............
Joyce Fife Stasiowski

You Know You're From Canonsburg When...

North Central Ave. looking toward Pike Street intersection.
(Photo from Jim Herron Collection)