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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4th Grade Southside Grade School

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From: Pat McCormick <>

Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 7:37 PM
Subject: 4th Grade Southside Grade School

For your collection of everything Canonsburg!

Probably 1949.

Can you name any of them?

John Foley is standing to the teacher's right. Daralyn, Barbara Ann and I are in the first row.

Best Wishes,


First row: Daralyn Lobozzo- Barbara Polansky- Joyce Rodgers- Pat McCormick- Barry Petracchi- ?
2nd row: ?-Reta Wozniak- Jerry Lazor- ? - ?- Rose Ferricks
3rd row: ?- ?- ?- Bob Lewis- Joyce Hirst- ?
Standing row: John Foley- ?- ?- Steve Boyan
I don't remember this teacher.
John Martincic

Hi Dick,

Of course !
1st row:Daralyn Lobbozo, Barbara Polansky, Joyce Rogers, Pat McCormick,Barry Petracchi, Mona Leyshon.
2nd row: Rita Wozniak, Dianne Derrico, Jerry Lazor, ?? , Rose Mascara, Helen Horwath.
3rd row: Louis Penn, Howard Stevens(Muggs), Patty Haynes, Bob Lewis, Joclyn Hirst, Larry ?
Standing: John Foley, Mrs. Shirley, Mario Dapra,Steve Boyan

It's so great of you to do this. Thanks so much.

Linda (and Muggs)

1st Row Darlyn Lobozzo; Barbara Polansky; Joyce Rodgers; Pat McCormick; Barry Petracchi, Mona Rae Leyshon.

2nd Row Rita Wozniak; Diane Derrico; Jerry Lazor; Dave Putorti; Rose Mascaro; Helen Horwat

3rd Row Louis Penn; Muggsy; Pat Haines; Roubert Lewis; Joycyln Hirst; Richard Mounts

Standing John Foley Miss Spiegal??? Mario DaPra Steve Boyan

John Foley