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Sunday, June 28, 2009


For great memories of Isaly's please take a look at the below video excerpt from the WQED TV Special "Things That Aren't There Anymore".

Dick Garboski

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Santa Monica Pier

View of the Santa Monica Pier from the Loews Hotel, 2nd shot with full zoom..


Dick Garboski
1978 Havenwood Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lost CHS'59 Graduates

We have lost contact with these folks. Any info on there location please contact John DeFife at

List Of Missing Classmates








Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CHS'59 - 7th grade south side

CHS'59 - 7th grade south side

First Row: John Graff, Dorthea Schussler, Dave McPeake, Jean McElravy

Second Row: Jim Herron, Susan Wiggs, Mrs. Carlson, ?

Standing: Judy Weber, Saundra Milligan, Donna Lipinski, Patty Leson, Reinette Boling, John Puchi, Harold Rose, Bob Kobert, Lou Penn, Eric Houston, Bob Hummell, Vernon Smith, Tom Kolosky

CHS'59 - 8th grade south side

CHS'59 - 8th grade south side

Front Row: Helen Mezey, Patty Kopy Barbara Haley, Judy Weber, Saundra Milligan

Second Row: ?, Patty Leson, Anna Marie Colaizzo, Janet Horosky

Third Row: Patty Greytock, Dorthea Schussler, Donna Lipinski, Mary Livolsi

Fourth Row: Hazel Horton, Barbara Kohn, Dolores Hall, Susan Wiggs

Standing: Norman Bates, Bob Johnson, Jim Popovich, Lou Penn, Ken Ewasky, Pete Owens, Miss Smith, Bob Kobert, John Puchi, Dave McPeake, Ted Mohler, Tom Kolosky, Vernon Smith, Eric Huston, Bob Hummell, Donald Lobozzo, Ronnie Markel, John Graf.

CHS'59 - 6th grade south side

CHS'59 - 6th grade south side

Front Row: Harold Rose, Kenny Paige, ?, Mary Livolsi, Barbara Haley, ?

Second Row: Donna Lipinski, Vernon Smith, Anna Marie Coliazzo, Charlotte ?, Hazel Horton, Ed Malinoski

Third Row: Barbara Kohn, Reinette Boling, Rita Bonaventura, Helen Mezey, Patty Graytock, Patty Leson

Standing: Jim Herron, Eric Houston, Jim ?, Bob Hummell, ?, Saundra Milligan, Janet Horosky, Mr. Barsody, Judy Weber, Donald Lobozzo, Eugene Puchi, John Graff, ?

CHS'59 - 4th grade south side

CHS'59 - 4th grade south side

Front Row: Marilyn Waschak, Mary Livolsi, Patty Graytok, Dorthea Schussler, Donald Lobozzo, ?, Dominick Bonatatabus

Second Row: Anna Marie Colazzio, Rita Bonaventura, Charlotte ?, Eric Houston, Jacqueline Lorey, Joseph Tomsic(?), Barbara Kohn

Standing: Jim Herron, David Crosson, Joe Rolek, Mrs. Wherry, Donna Lipinski, Saundra Milligan, Judy Weber, Vernon Smith

CHS'59 - 2nd grade south side

CHS'59 - 2nd grade south side

Top Row: Marilyn Washchak, Vernon Smith, Mary Livolsi, John Alterio, Joseph Rolek, Vernon Smith, Joe ?, David Crosson, Eric Houston, Bob Hummell

Third Row: Donna Lipinski, Ed Malinosky, Dolores Hall, Jim Herron, Judy Weber, Judy Pellman, Bucky Maughan, ?, Judy Weber, Donald Lobozzo,

Second Row: Barbara Kohn, Dominick Bonatatabus, Saudra Milligan, Diana Hackenson, ?, Donna Hackenson, Cheryl Tiedy, Jim Popovich

Bottom Row: Reinette Boling, ?, Rita Bonaventura, Jean McElravy, Charlotte Patmon, Patty Leson, ?, Dorthea Schussler, Linda Bird, Helen Mezey

CHS'59 - 1st grade south side

CHS'59 - 1st grade south side

1st row, Jean McElravy(?), ?, Mary Livolsi, ?, Donna Lipinski, Linda Bird, Helen Mezey, Jean Balsama, Judy Weber, Judy Pellman?, Cheryl Tiedy?,

2nd row, Charlotte Patman?, ?, Patty Leson, Saundra Milligan, Reinette Boling, Mrs. Orr, Rita Bonaventura, Dolores Hall, Dorthea Schussler?, Donna Hackenson, Diana Hackenson

3rd row – Timothy ?, Donald Lobozzo, ?, Dominick Bonatatabus, Joseph Rolek, ? John Alterio, Bucky Maughan.

4th row – David Crosson, Vernon Smith, Eric Houston, Joe ?, Ed Malinosky, Jim Herron, Bob Hummell.

4th Grade East End School Pictures

Click on pic to enlarge

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John DeFife
Date: Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 7:24 AM
Subject: Grade School Pictures

CHS'59 - Fourth Grade First Ward; Miss Rhys

Front Row: Lana Lanzy, Judy Jacoby, Betty Popovich, Walter Piechnick, John Rossero

Second Row: ??, ??, Denny Wrona, Linda Santora, Tony Dellorso , Carma Jean Dambrosio

Third Row: Henrietta Chuba, Joe Cava ,Mary Ann Royer, ??, Sandy Terling, Sabina Lekoski , ??

Standing: Joe Merante, Steve Sedora, Fred Lyon, Marty Kloska, ??, ??, John DeFife, Patty Allen, Joan Vintle, ??, Jim Gohacki

I have 7 more about this size and from the South side….1st thru 8th

I can send to you directly or find out what I need to do to post to Canonsburg Friends

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HS Friends

HI....On June 22, 2009, Martha Soberl, Patty DeFilip, Joyce Fife, Patti Powers' sister-in-law and myself Betty Popovich visited Patti Powers at the nursing home she's at. For the past 3 years, we go to see Patti on her birthday and help her celebrate. Here's a picture of us.

Betty Popovich Bartok

Thursday, June 18, 2009

South Side - 6th grade 1951-52

(Click on picture to enlarge)
From: John J Martincic <>
Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 4:32 PM

Another treasure found. This one is a picture of the 1951-52 - 6th grade class - South Side School- Mr. James Barsody's class. Need some help with the names, please.

1st row: David McPeake- To Klosky -Hinkleor Hunkle- Lou Bartok- Ed Banko

2nd row: ?- Rose Ferricks- Robert Kobert- John Martincic- ?

3rd row: Harold Rose - Norman Bates- John Puchi- John Diaz- Rose Mascaro

Standing: Gace Cachione - Andrew Fergus- Mr. James Barsody- Bill Buyan

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5th grade South Side 1950-51

(Click on Pictures to Enlarge)
Hi Dick,
Here's my picture of my 5th grade class with Mrs. Bock, 1950-51. Post it, if you like, on the blog. I included the back of it as my Mom wrote the names on it.

I enjoy reading the blog.

Thank you.
John Martincic

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4th Grade Southside Grade School

Click on picture to enlarge

From: Pat McCormick <>

Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 7:37 PM
Subject: 4th Grade Southside Grade School

For your collection of everything Canonsburg!

Probably 1949.

Can you name any of them?

John Foley is standing to the teacher's right. Daralyn, Barbara Ann and I are in the first row.

Best Wishes,


First row: Daralyn Lobozzo- Barbara Polansky- Joyce Rodgers- Pat McCormick- Barry Petracchi- ?
2nd row: ?-Reta Wozniak- Jerry Lazor- ? - ?- Rose Ferricks
3rd row: ?- ?- ?- Bob Lewis- Joyce Hirst- ?
Standing row: John Foley- ?- ?- Steve Boyan
I don't remember this teacher.
John Martincic

Hi Dick,

Of course !
1st row:Daralyn Lobbozo, Barbara Polansky, Joyce Rogers, Pat McCormick,Barry Petracchi, Mona Leyshon.
2nd row: Rita Wozniak, Dianne Derrico, Jerry Lazor, ?? , Rose Mascara, Helen Horwath.
3rd row: Louis Penn, Howard Stevens(Muggs), Patty Haynes, Bob Lewis, Joclyn Hirst, Larry ?
Standing: John Foley, Mrs. Shirley, Mario Dapra,Steve Boyan

It's so great of you to do this. Thanks so much.

Linda (and Muggs)

1st Row Darlyn Lobozzo; Barbara Polansky; Joyce Rodgers; Pat McCormick; Barry Petracchi, Mona Rae Leyshon.

2nd Row Rita Wozniak; Diane Derrico; Jerry Lazor; Dave Putorti; Rose Mascaro; Helen Horwat

3rd Row Louis Penn; Muggsy; Pat Haines; Roubert Lewis; Joycyln Hirst; Richard Mounts

Standing John Foley Miss Spiegal??? Mario DaPra Steve Boyan

John Foley

Monday, June 8, 2009

Steelers Camper

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From: Dave DeLanie
Date: Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 2:33 PM

Who says there aren't Steeler fans in Nebraska..

Check this out , note the license plate.. DD

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Notable Golf Professionals - 1949

Interesting article regarding the 1949 Tri State Club Pro Championship.

Note Russ Sherba and Don James, the head and asst. pros from Mt Lebanon and local pro Wally Simpson who later worked at the American Brakeshoe.