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Friday, February 27, 2009

The TV guide in the beginning

This is great nostalgia!

If you're too young, enjoy a good laugh and if you're not, then bask in the warm memories. 

This is exactly what we looked at in these years and oh life was so sweet. 




           Dr. Kildare 1961          The Man From Uncle 1965              Ironside 1967            Peyton Place 1964      The Mickey Mouse Club 1959



The Andy Griffith Show 1963                                       1966                                           The Honeymooners 1955

The Dick Van Dyke Show 1961                                   Seahunt 1958



1967                                              1959                                              1970


The Twilight Zone 1960                                        Lassie 1958

Gilligan's  Island 1966


Wanted: Dead or Alive 1958                                     Zorro 1957

The Rifleman 1958                                            I Love Lucy 1951

Mr. Ed 1961                                                 Charlies Angels 1976

TV Test Patterns 1960