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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jim Herron

Feb. 18, 2009

To All:

I wanted to let those who had not heard that Jim Herron is in intensive care in Washington Hospital following major heart surgery. Also wanted to share the following emails from Al Moze regarding Jim Herron's current condition.

Dick Garboski.

Dear Donna,

I did not know anything about Jim, but I will do my darnest to get more info on Jim. I just called a friend of mine who told me that Jim had a 7 hour open heart operation,mitro valve replacement and some other repairs done. They had placed him into a coma for the last 3 days in order for him to heal better, I understand he came out of the coma to-day and is doing well, he was still on a respirator. Jim will be in the C.C.U. for a couple of days, I will try to get in and see him tomorrow, if I can. I will try and keep everyone posted. Al

Subject: Jim Herron

Hi Al, I just heard last night that Jim is in Washington Hospital with heart related isssues. I called the hospital but he is in critical care and I couldn't get any information. Had you heard anything about him?


Al Moze

to John, mwall59, betty, david, me, william
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To all concerned I stop by this morning a spent 2 minutes with Jim. We had a hard time understanding each other. He is Still on the respirator, I understand they want him off as soon as he can.

Yes Jim has a long road to getting back to every day routine. I think the best thing now are our PRAYERS for a quick recovery. Al Moze