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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cannonsburgh no more

From: Jim Herron
Date: Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 4:47 PM
Subject: Cannonsburg no more

Found this in an 1893 paper this afternoon. Not important, but sorta interesting.
A town can specify how it wants its name spelled, but the name of the post office is decided in Washington, D.C., and mail is addressed to the post office. For many years, towns ending in "burg" had an "h" appended. Canonsburg didn't bother except for a few years. Then the Post Office Dept. decided the "burghs" should be "burg," and Canonsburg went back to the present spelling. However, there was a period when the official spelling was "Cannonsburg." This item gives the date of the return to Canonsburg.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Definitely Some of Canonsburg South Side's Finest - Christmas 1953

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Isn't this one great picture of some of Canonsburg's finest from our South Side , performing in the Third Ward Chorus of 1953.

1st Row: Frank Trebel, Johnny McCalla, Mary Livolsi, Pat McCormick, Dolly Haddad, Dorthea Schusler, ?, Barbara Rudge, Grace Cacchione, Joyce Rodgers, John Eckles
2nd Row: D. Leichty, John Foley, Jim Herron, ?, J. Petro, Donna Spinna, Mona Rae Leyshon, Joan Slovian, Sandy Polasky, Helen Korba, Anna Marie Calazzio
3rd Row: Ken Paige, John Alterio, Jerry Lazor, Howard Stevens,Val Prince, Daralyn Labozzo, Rose Mascaro, Helen Horwath, Ed Malinowski, Eugene Pucci, Dave McPeake
4th Row: Barry Petracci, Rose Ferricks, Delores Kotyk, Helen Mezey, Reniette Boling, Patty Leson,
Donna Cwiklinski, John Heiser, Monte Derrico, Diane Derrico, Barbara Polansky, ?/
5th Row: Rich Mounts, Larry Bender, Bob Lewis, John Gonglik ,Harold Rose,?, Marian Campbell, ?Fullum, Linda Bird, Patty Graytok

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mrs.Crumm's 5th grade at Third Ward School in 1951-52

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All of these grade school pictures are amazing, but I don't see any from the South Side. So here's Kathleen Crumm's 5th grade at Third Ward School in 1951-52.

Standing, from left, Saundra Milligan, Rita Boniventura, Marilyn "Patty" Washchock, Judy Weber, Dorothea Schussler, Hazel Horton, Kathleen Crumm, Mary Livolsi.
3rd. row, seated, Patty Leson, Reinette Boling, Barbara Kahn, Jacquelyn Lorry or Lorey
2nd row, seated, Vernon Smith, Jim Herron, Anna Maria Colaizzo, Eric Houston, Helen Mezey
Front row, Donna Lipinski, Patty Graytock, Bob Hummell

The class seems to have had a Y chromosome deficiency.

Jim Herron

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Grade School Pictures

The above four pictures were of my 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Grade School Years - (1950-1955).
We need help on some of the names. Those that we DO know are in identified in the captions of each of the pictures found in the blog's Canonsburg Grade School Album.
We have now identified all the names in Mrs. Welsh's - 1952 - 5th grade class.
Standing are: Donna Mastrangioli, Barbara Orr, Diane Hackenson, Kent Skiles, Fran Horvath, Noreen Lesniakowski, Jean Scott, Ray Gorcyca, Denny Wrona, Loretta Politano.
Third Row: Jean Balsama, Barbara Wines, August Fetcko, Patty Powers, Peggy Jones, Patty Goodman,
Second Row: Barbara Haley, Francis Sobolewski, Ronnie Engel, Joyce Fife, Diane Ramsey, Laverne Gubasko,
First Row: Linda McPeake, Pauline Markel, Donna Hackenson, Susan O'Connell

Donna Mastangioli Livolsi


Friday, March 7, 2008

Weavertown School - 5 & 6th Grade

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Photo of Mrs. Creighton's 5 & 6th Grade Classes.
Standing from left to right:
Carol Rogers, Donna McElhaney, Janice Tomesko, Helen Jean O'Rourke, ?, Judith Jackson, Donna Pagano, Rose (I think) Sluchak, Aurella Dobbs, Janice Cerbe, Billy Creighton, ?,
David"Carl" Gump, Chuckie Sherman.
1st Row Leslie Katocks, Richard Capiolla, Norma Pagano, ?, Freddie Smiddle, Bill Smith, ?.
2nd Row ?, Patty DeFillip, ?, Don DeGennaro, Barbara Nan Polansky, Carolyn Lewis, Linda Mills.
3rd Row Larry Kobert, ?, ?, Doris Jester, ?, John Sluchak.

Appreciate any help in identifying the remaining great faces from Mrs Creighton's 5 & 6th Weavertown
Grade School Classes - 1951
Norma Jean Pagano Salvino

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Washington, Pa,

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The above view is of downtown Washington Pa. looking to the South down Main Street.

It is from a vantage point just North of Chestnut Street, near where you would come into Main Street if traveling the back-way from Canonsburg via what used to be referred to as Meadowlands Road.(Pike street through Houston, past Chartiers H.S., Washington C.C., etc.

Many will recall this back-way, for more than likely it was the same route you traveled, at age 16, to get to the State Police Station to take you drivers license test.(This route was used fore you were not yet trusted to handle the Big 19!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

CHS '59 Reunion

Noreen Lesniakowski Hamilton just sent me the link to the Blog site. Kudos for getting somehing going for our class and trying to get folks excited about a reunion. I did complete the reunion questionnaire and plan to spend some more time looking over more of the links soon. I look forward to being in touch.
Reinette Boling Jackovic