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Monday, December 1, 2008

Canonsburg Cubs - Circa 1930

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Here is a interesting photo I recently came across taken when my Father played for the Canonsburg Cubs. Area teams they played were the Homestead Greys, Pittsburgh Crawfords(teams that Hall of Famers - Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige played for), Washington Colored Giants(another all black team), St. Francis, Gladden, Venice, Muse and another Canonsburg team called the Athletics. The games were mostly payed on Sundays and drew hundreds of fans. The above photo is of one of those Sunday baseball games taken at Canonsburg's home field(Curry Field) located near "Philly Patch" now where all the restaurants are located. In the background of the photo you can also see the old incinerator.

Below is a box score, published in the Daily Notes (unknown date-1930's) from a game when the "Cubs" played the other Canonsburg team the "Athletics".  If you click on the box score to enlarge you can make out many of the Canonsburg players names.  Click on Josh Gibson above for his Bio.

Augie Fetcko