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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CHS Class of 1958 - 50 Year Class Reunion

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The Canonsburg High School Class of 1958 held its 50-year class reunion Sept. 6. at Rolling Hills Country Club in McMurray.

Classmates attending were, from left,

first row, Marion Helmich DeMarino, Stella Robinson Wakefield, Barb Polansky Gedmintas, Diane Derrico DelVecchio, Daralyn Lobozzo Campbell, Linda Gowern Carter, Janice Kesnowski Fetcko, Norma Pagano Salvino and Sara Fisher Fartro;

second row, Chris Scoumio, Lorraine Gruden Fincham, Ruth Wagner Bershok, Betty Imperatore Cheverine, Marion Campbell Rogers, Ruth Rakar Prince, Pat Haynes Milioto, Anita Fife Bell, Louise Marosz Rosspank and Patty Svitek Severns;

third row, Ed Kantor, Don Dagar, Pat McCormick, Judy McCabe Katsuleris, Rose Mascara Mantalis, Linda Tirimacco Kirr, Jayne Buckley Guthrie, Jackie Miller Grady, Katherine Tirimacco, Delores Kotyk DelBene, Carol Rusiewski Pankas, Marlene Koucheck Stoker, Rose Ferricks Brooks, Mary Ann Vittoria Foley and Jennie Wilds-Hertzog;

fourth row, Gus Mantalis, Ray Kutch, John Martincic, Dave Brecht, Tom Dunn, Bob Stuck, Bob Zielinski, Bob Lochran, Joe DeGennaro, Jim Jaap, Jerry Radlinski, Don DeGennaro, Ken Rankin and Ron Dagg;

fifth row, Ron Falcione, John Taper, Paul Lochran, Don Kelso, John Foley, Bernie Zeszutek, Demo Agoris, Frank Prince, Bob Hamilton, Tom Jackovic and Bob Fetcko.

Monday, September 22, 2008

CHS Class of 1959 - 5 & 10 Year Reunion

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Thank you Saundra Weishner Reichel for sharing these group pictures from the Canonsburg High School Class of 1959 - five and ten year reunions. One of the pictures of the 10 year reunion, held at the Jefferson Room also includes guests and spouses.

Help with the names is appreciated

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who's This CHS Alumna?

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an anyone identify this 1959 CHS alumna pictured here  in her  Eastern Airlines Flight Attendant graduating class.  

Please leave your answer by clicking on comments below or email me if you need a hint...

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Four Coins - For the Hometown.

To my knowledge, the only other time our Four Coins formally performed in Canonsburg, was back in the late 1950's. This indelible performance found them on-stage in the auditorium next to Canonsburg High School. As you may remember, the singing group was then known as "The Four Keys".

A recent email from Jeanne Mantalis indicated:: "The Four Coin's next gig is October 11, 2008 in Aliquippa, Pa for a Greek convention. We're not sure what the holidays may present. Thereafter, the Coins will be appearing at the Palace Theater in Greensburg, Pa March 6, 2009 with Bo Wagner, a duplicate of the CMHS show. Also, in April 2009 at several locations in the Pocono's."

The above pictue article is an excerpt from the quarterly Canonsburg Magazine

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Father of High School Wrestling in Western Pennsylvania.

Robert J. "Roc" O'Connell

Graduate of Sayre High School in Bradford County and Penn State University...Considered the father of high school wrestling in Western Pennsylvania...Coached five years at Canonsburg High (1933-38) and compiled a 61-4-1 record after losing the first four matches(61-0)...Retired from coaching after 1937-38 season, but continued association with the WPIAL as chairman of the wrestling steering committee for 24 years...Principal at Canonsburg for more than 20 years...Member of the Pennsylvania Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame

Southwestern Pennsylvania Wrestling

Hall of Fame
Dr. James Conklin
George Custer
Steve DeAugustino
Anthony Gizoni
Andrew Puchany
Don Haney
Dr. William A. "Doc" Harris
Rex Peery
Hugh Peery
Ed Peery
Leonard "Gus" DeAugustino
Lynn W. Kling
George Lewis
Anthony Paulekas
Frank Vulcano Sr.
Carlton Hazelrig
George Lamprinakos
Manuel Pihakis
Robert Siar
WJPA Radio Station
Kurt S. Angle
Gene Bowman
Ken Lockey
Raymond "Bucky" Murdock
Robert J. "Roc" O'Connell
Sue Siar
Mike Babyak
John Dasta
Michael M. DeAugustino
Thomas E. Dolde
Ronald L. Garrison
Pat Santoro
Paul William "Bill" Bane Jr.
Ray Brinzer
Arthur "Bucky" Maughan
Tynan "Ty" Moore
John "Buzz" Walters
Dave Kling
Jim Kriek
Stan Mousetis
John Richey
Joe Solomon
Stan Dziedzic
Floyd Marshall
Robert Marshall
Rande Stottlemyer
Robert Waller Sr.
Joe Ayersman
Cary Kolat
Jack Spates
Bob Truby
Asa G. Wiley
Tom Alberts
Ed DeWitt
Jim Harrison
Larry Lauchle
Paul Powell
Ron Schirf
Fred A. Ambrose
Thomas P. Harbert
Robert J. Kopnisky
Veryl D. Long
Ken Nellis
Frank Bonifield
Dave Clelland
Ernie Closser
Sylvester Terkay
Creed Westfall
Mark Angle
Jeremy Hunter
Teague Moore
Joseph Shook
Ken Wunderly
John Abajace
Dave Ailes
Dick Bane
Lee Hall
Phill Mary
Mark Caffrey
James W. Horner
Kraig M. Nellis
Chuck Tursky
Frank L. Vulcano, JR.
Vertus Jones
Jay Robison
James W. Sterner
Robert M. Waller III
Shawn R. Whyte
Dave Adams
Bruce Closson
Butch Marino
Kevin Sangina
Edward Driscoll

Saturday, September 13, 2008

CHS Class of 1958 - Through The Years

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Shirley Goodnight Leasure - CHS Classmate 1959 Deceased

I regret to inform that in talking today to Everet Leasure(Husband) residing in Parkersburg WV, that unfortunately Shirley Goodnight Leasure had passed away about four years ago from breast cancer.

Sorrowfully, I expressed our condolences to him and family.
The clock of life is wound but once
And no man has the power
To tell just when the hands will stop
At late or early hour.
Now is the only time you own.
Live, love, toil with a will.
Place no faith in time.
For the clock may soon be still.