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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sad news - Classmate Patty Rodgers Dzurino Passes.

Hi classmates. I'm afraid I have some sad news to tell you all. One of our classmates Patty Rodgers Dzurino was diagnosed with lung cancer last August. She went through chemo and was then told that it had spread to her brain. After undergoing radiation was then told it had spread to her spine. It has been a steady decline and a week ago Monday she was taken to Canonsburg Hospital. I saw her Friday of last week and Wednesday of this week but she was totally unresponsive by then. I am sorry to say she died this morning.

She will be at Salandra Funeral Home Sunday and buried Monday. Garbo perhaps you could post something on the canonsburg friends blog because I don't have everyone's e-mail addresses. She was one of the girls that would always go out to see Patty Powers Bails with the gang of us. In fact today we went out to celebrate Pattys birthday and this was the first time we were not all there. I will miss her greatly. She was a true friend.

Love, Marty