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Friday, February 22, 2008

Connecting with old friends from Canonsburg

This blog is a great idea, especially for those like myself, who have been gone for almost 50 years.
I do have limited contacts with Carmen Fragapane and Donna Livolsi and briefly see Carl Gump at the NCAA Wrestling Championships every year.
I did make the 40th reunion, had a great time, but was disappointed that very few of those who are still around town showed up. It was alot of us from distant locations who didn't know anything about those who are still in the area.
I'll give you an update on whats been going on with
me.........Pretty simple, I've had one wife, one job, and one real
passion, that has been coaching wrestling at the collegiate level.
My wife Leota and I have been married for 46 years and have two
sons and 5 1/2 grand children. Both of my sons were successful college
wrestlers and are coaching at the college level. Jack at the Univ of
Northern Colorado and Bret is my ass't coach here at North Dakota
State University.
My plan out of college was to coach here for a year and get my
masters degree.......I'm now finishing my 44th season. But it has
been a great career with alot more ups than downs. Basically, I really
like this area and have over the years turned down many job
opportunities in areas that have more appealing sounding addresses.
The winters are pretty tough but the rest of the seasons are great. We
live in Fargo during the winter and at our Lake Home about eight
months. It's only 60 miles and up here that about a 40 minute
commute. The Minnesota lake area is the best in the country. There are
over 10,000 lakes and in our area there are 1200 within 20 miles from
us. So fishing, boating, and all water toys and activities are our main
hobbies and recreation. We have traveled some but, since so much of my
job involves travel all over the country,we hang out mostly at the
lake during my down times.
If any of you are traveling through the area please give me a call and we,ll show you the area. I'm pretty
safe in that.........As I'm sure that Fargo is a spot you travel through alot.
I hope to make it to the 50th get together if it fits my schedule. It will be fun to see if all the cool guys and hot babes are the same at 68 as they were at 18.

Personally, I'm exactly the same......Bucky Maughan.