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Friday, December 7, 2007

Worrysome Season

From: Jim Herron

It's getting along toward Christmas, the first snow is on the ground, and I'm getting worried.
I am getting close to that age when one is prone to seasonal stupidity. The predominant form is false reminiscences about "When I was young." I remember old duffers going on and on about how things have changed. A particular favorite was the preponderance of snow. It was a lot colder back then, and the snow stayed on the ground until spring. You could bet that the sleds and skates kids got from Santa would be used immediately.
I remember snow, but apparently senility hasn't set in completely. I still think the passionate rememberer's were (and are) goofy.
I am happy to report that the goofiness isn't new. I was looking through an old Canonsburg Daily Notes this afternoon, one that came out the day after Christmas in 1908.

The weather experts were around even then.

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