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Monday, November 12, 2007

Canonsburg Friends sure is Proud to Learn of These Brand New Releases !

From: Isabella Livolsi
To: Dick Garboski

Hi Dick;
Wanted to let you know a couple of very interesting items that would be good to herald on the Canonsburg Friends blog. . .

1) Bobby Kobert Shawn (our classmate) just released a new CD single called "Playing the Jukebox." The CD single can be purchased through D&J records in Carnegie, PA and The Attic, 165 Grant Street, Millvale, PA. Or get them directly from Bobby. Email Bobby at
His previously released CD album were: "Remembering the Early Years" and "Bobby Shawn Sings". Look for a re-release soon of his "Christmas with Bobby Shawn" on CD........ it is currently available on tape.

2) Joyce Arnal's husband (Paul Gentile) has just published his first book . It is Titled: "Dolce Far Niente - Sweet Doing Nothing" a great book about their trip to Italy, which they took after they retired. It captures their travels from Tuscany to Sicily and includes many practical tips. It can be ordered on the internet through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. At Barnes & Noble website, you do not pay postage.

Take care,