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Friday, October 12, 2007

A Few Attic Treasures

A special thanks to Rich Terling for sharing these great finds from a recent attic crawl. Also take note of his front row special effects. Certainly makes you wonder why he wasn't guided toward some field of artistic endeavor.

HI...Here's who I remembered:
1st row: Tony Dellorso, Patty Rodgers, ?, Dolly Dellarso
2nd Row: ?, Mary Ellen Malone, Dorothy Wooten, Janet Lanzy, Stella ?
3rd Row: John Natale, Joyce & Janet Natale, ?, Jim DePaoli
4th row: Pete Pasquali, Barbara ?, ?(I remember her jumping over seats to get to someone for bothering her)*, ?, Bill Kotar
5th row: Diane Pankus, Betty Popovich, Connie DelBene, Ray Yamka, Carmen Fragapane, Walter Piechnick, Bill Shuba, ?, Nick Stamatkis, Rich Terling, John Rotella, ?, John Rossero.

Did anyone figure out who my ?'s are?

Love, Betty Popovich Bartok
*Some say that this is when Rich Terling first got the nickname "SPEEDY".

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This second picture is from Rich's brother Freds 8th grade class taken March 1953.

Help in identifying the classmates would be appreciated. Teachers name on blackboard.