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Friday, August 24, 2007

Wine Cellar Update

In this post we chronicle the 2nd week of Garbo's Wine Cellar Project.

During this week we completed excavation, including the footers that surround and support the perimeter of the above ground structure. The footers are 1.5 feet deep and 12" wide.

We brought in 7 tons of sand and compacted to a 4" base for the concrete.

Next, up went the forms to shape the pouring of the footers and the 4" deep concrete slab. Within the formed area we placed steel wire mesh tied into rebar for reenforcement.

We started pumping in 8 yards of concrete from the street around noon time, and finally completed the hand finishing of the concrete surface during the waning daylight hours.

Now we wait 4 to 5 days while the concrete cures.

Another look at the entrance to the Fall Out/Bomb Shelter soon to be Wine Cellar.

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