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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sophmores 1957

Dave Delanie while reminiscing through his 1957 Canonsburg H.S. yearbook came across these Sophomore class pictures.

Thank You DD.

Click on Pics to Enlarge.

And by the way what ever happened to:

Helen Buterbaugh

Norman Bates
George Crosson
Judy Jacoby
John Graff
John Hixenbaugh
Mary Gulyban
John Gonglik
Ernie Lombardi
Paul Sebelia
Susan Wiggs
Dorthes Schussler
James Woods
Kent Skiles
Pat Zagar
Angela Lipari
Rosemary Ladzinski
Charlotte Hoffer
Joyce Fife
Joseph Kubacki
Beverly Mavrich
Carol Schmidt
Daniel Mandis
Marion Olminsky
Edwin Pieza
Michael Nockoul
Louise Marosz
Bob Markle