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Saturday, March 17, 2007

George's Candy Shop

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I'm sure we all remember George's, the Numero Uno 50's teen hang-out where we enjoyed Vanilla and Cherry Cokes while listening to the current BeBop tunes on the Juke Box. Please enjoy Margie's comments as she shares with us a few memories of her Dad's Shop.

The picture was taken June 1954.
My dad was in business from 1934 to 1971.
The reason the shop closed was because the man that owned the Alahambra Theater also owned the shope that my Dad rented and the owner wouldn't renew the lease.
The shop had 5 booths - 2 on one side of the store and 3 on the other. There were approximately 12 stools at the counter.
When you walked into the store the candy cases where on the right and the soda fountain was on the left.
All the flavors used to make the special fountain drinks like lemon, vanilla, chocolate cokes were made by my dad. The candy was hand dipped and hand packed and was made up stairs. The most popular items served was vanilla cokes and ham salad sandwiches.
A strong memory for me was when my dad needed something when he was working upstairs he would bang a broom handle on the floor and you "bet your life" we would jump to get upstairs to find out what he needed. As you may remember, the thing he would not tolerate was anyone getting out of hand or acting up in the shop.!!!!
Thank You to Margie Bardos Tsudis for this rare picture of George, minding his Shop and the wonderful comments.