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Monday, January 22, 2007

Re: East End 6th grade class


Rich Terling and I were talking about this picture the other day. We concluded that there must have been another 6th grade class since in addition to you two, others like Ray Butka, N Stamatakis, D Dellorso, J Hulpa, J Rotella, B.Shuba etc. are also missing.

Speedy also thought that the boy next to Carmen Fragapane might be Bill Shuba and the boy next to Marty Kloska may be John Rotella and the girl whose first name you think is Patty, he thought her last name was Caggese? What's your thought.
PS: Have you checked out the Canonsburg Friend's Blog yet?

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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2007 2:44:43 PM
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Wow, that's amazing with a score of 23.5, and by far the best to date. Why are you not in this picture? I was in the other class that's why I need to find all those other pictures
I have edited your submitted list and added the only additional name we have. Why do you think the first name of the girl to the left of Linda Santora may be Patty? That was the name that came to mind first......I think she must of moved away and didn't go to HS with us.

We are mildly thinking, that the girl to the right of Bonnie Lombardi or
possibly one to the left of Miss Rush might be Mary Jean Tomsic. What do you think? I don't think it's Mary Jean, she went to Strabane Elementary.

Send me your mailing address and a copy of the Four Coins Collectors album will be on its way. Please include your email and phone so we may update the class contact list and the IRS of course, for winning such a valuable prize.

PS: your score but not the names will be posted on the Canonsburg Friends blog.
Thanks, Love, Betty

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