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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Canonsburg North Side - Grade School Picture

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Subject: Re: How about this find:Canonsburg Grade School Picture

Dick Garboski wrote:

The attached picture, is a definite classic from our grade school years.
Was it 3rd or 4th grade?
I also need a little help on identifying the class mates. Here's my take??

First Row: Margaret Iskey, ??????, Angela Lipari, Jimmy Deems, Dick Garboski
2nd Row: Eddie Imperatore, ??????, Dave Delanie, Frank Imperatore, Clarence "Meachie" Fullum
Third Row: ??????, Barbara Hott, ??????, ??????
Standing: Marjorie Bardos, Teacher:Mrs. Ross?, Ronnie Engel

PS: Check out the dreary, wintry scene outside the window; the radiators for steam heat and the inkwells in the desks where naughty guys like you two, use to stick those girls pigtails -shame-shame and by the way; who is the rich kid in the middle sporting the wristwatch.......

Happy New Year

Dick Garboski
1978 Havenwood Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Gotta love this pic. I remember you saying you had some of these. Did you run across any more ?? You did a great job of naming these people , better than me.. I pretty much agree with your assessment.. We need to get a Skype session going and discuss this.. DD